Please submit your entry via the National Pig Awards website's online entry system.

You will need to register for an account and then head to our categories page to select those you wish to enter; you may enter more than one category.

Once added to your basket, the online system allows you to save your entries and add to or edit them until the entry deadline date. Once you have completed the work on your entries, you can submit them all at once. 

Deadline for entries: Friday 12 July 2024

To nominate someone, you can either head straight to our categories page, select an award, and complete the entry form for them, or you can complete our nomination form, after which we will contact the nominee and ask them to complete the entry form for their self.

Completing the entry on someone's behalf 

If you are nominating a person or business and are completing the entry form on their behalf, please ensure that you complete the entry form in full and provide all requested information. If you are unable to complete the entry form, please see below.

Nominate using the nomination form

If you would like to nominate someone but can't complete the form on behalf of them, please fill in our nomination form and we will contact the nominee regarding entering and completing their entry form.

Please read the category criteria and entry form questions thoroughly before entering, as this will give you an indication of what is required of your entry.

Please ensure you place the main component of your entry within the web-form and that you provide the information requested in each question.

You are encouraged to include additional information you believe will support your entry, as well as supporting material, but it should not comprise the main component of your entry.

Your entry will be judged based on the information you submit in the main entry form. You may submit additional supporting information however this should enhance your entry and not replace the content of the entry form itself.

The National Pig Awards is open to any UK-based business or individual that work within the industry.

Multiple entries are allowed, however please read each category criteria thoroughly prior to entry.

Winners from the previous year may not enter the same category. However, you are welcome to enter other categories.

All entries must be completed using the online form and should be submitted by Friday 12 July 2024.

We appreciate that some entry information will be sensitive, all business information submitted will be in strict confidence (NDA’s can be requested where appropriate).

The judges’ decision is FINAL. No discussions or requests for justification will be entered into. 

Include tangible evidence of the impact you, your business, or innovation has made on your own work, team, and/or the wider industry. The judges are looking for hard metrics, particularly on business performance and growth.                                            

Less is more. Our judges have to read lots of entries, be concise and focus on making your entry stand out!

Stick to the entry form. Don’t go off-piste when it comes to entering. Supporting documents are just that… ‘support’. Your main entry should demonstrate the bulk of your submission.

Compelling stories make winners. Individuals and/or companies that make changes for the better or demonstrate innovation are held in high regard. Tell a story which demonstrates why you deserve to win. 



Friday 12 July 2024


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